The Idea

Introducing Project SAVE – Signage & Adspace Versatile for Emergencies – creating media spaces that serve the dual purpose of advertising and first response/rescue. The structures can be converted into boats, rafts, and spine boards by citizens themselves in as fast as 18 seconds, even without the supervision of trained responders.

As they are deployed in recognizable outdoor media spaces, they are now present in easy-to-access spots in the city, reaching even the narrowest alleys. Formats range from lamp post banner, waiting shed roof/signage, or even low level billboard so that it’s easy to install in all street corners.

As long as there is a SAVE device nearby, there is a much greater chance to save lives.

Pilot Valenzuela

Project SAVE’s pilot partner is the City of Valenzuela, located about 15 kilometres north of Metro Manila, Philippines. The Valenzuela City pilot is a partnership between the local city government and creative agency Havas Ortega, which developed and designed the materials with advice from volunteer first responders, local government officials, and national disaster coordinators.

“Our city is very vulnerable to flooding because of our location – parts of Valenzuela are below sea level and we get water flowing from two nearby rivers, also when the tide is high at Manila Bay. The devices are created also to reach the narrow streets and alleys that amphibious vehicles cannot,” says City Mayor Rex Gatchalian. “Our long experience with floods taught us that more access to stretchers, emergency tents, and life rafts preserves lives. They can never be too far away or too few. The pilot program helps us be more prepared to face the upcoming rainy season. We want this project to be a hallmark for the community to respond to crisis swiftly.

How it Works

Contact Us

The Project SAVE Team is always looking for opportunities to further our efforts. If you’re a brand that would like to use the Project SAVE sites, or a city looking to deploy a Project SAVE solution, please do send us a message. We’ll be glad to assist you.

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